Rupert Residency – Theory of meadowness
27.09.16 BY Bridget
- - - -

September is drawing to a close, and with it, my residency at Rupert in Vilnius. It has been a very productive time, of sorting, resolving and making whole, bits of work that have been in progress for a year or so. During the open studios, around 15 people came to hear me read an half hour excerpt from ‘The Lady, The Scientist and Phlegm’. I made a ‘set’ and used three objects to stand in for the characters. It was a good chance to test out the text and the staging. I think now that the final form may be a voice over audio of the text for a sculptural environment and/or video of the objects in motion. 



Giclee prints fundraiser – help me get to Warsaw
31.03.16 BY Bridget
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In June I have an exhibition at Brud in Warsaw and am fundraising to cover my flights and freight. I have a series of four photographs for sale as Giclee prints on acid free paper, each image is a limited edition of five.  I can post these wherever in the world you are, wrapped in acid free tissue and in a sturdy postal tube. 

Each print is 70 euros, or dollars plus postage (send me an email for other currencies). Please order via email (bridget.a.currie{at} indicating which images you would like, and I will calculate postage and send my bank details for a direct deposit (to either Australian or European bank account).  The images are of the regeneration of a leek and an onion and are titled ‘Coming back from the cut: Vegetable alchemy’, Onion 1 and Onion 2, Leek 1 and Leek 2.

onion4 copy leekgrown copy onion1 copy leek1 copy












Cine Maximiliaan fundraiser exhibition
21.02.16 BY Bridget
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To benefit Cinemaximiliaan, 21 contemporary artists have generously donated a work. Curator Laura Herman compiled a catalogue of works by Mohammed Alani (IQ), Kasper Bosmans (BE), Bridget Currie (AU), Louay Dabous (SY), Hans Demeulenaere (BE), Marjolijn Dijkman (NL), Haidar Jabbar (IQ), Anne-Marie Jacobs (BE), Giorgios Kontis (GR), Gwendolyn Lootens (BE), Aukje Koks (NL), Jasper Rigole (BE), Ali Sabri (IQ), Fabrice Samyn (BE), Sarah & Charles (BE), Ayham Seif (SY), Robin Vanbesien (BE), Walt Van Beek (BE), Emma van der Put (NL), Philippe van Wolputte (BE), and Leon Vranken (BE).
Please download here the catalogue of the works:…
These works will be shown at a location in Brussels early March (soon to be announced) and in Z33 – Huis voor actuele kunst in Hasselt (opening March 26, 7:30pm).
10.01.16 BY Bridget

well I have finally caved to getting Instagram, and … its great! It has it’s mysteries though, like why the #aesthetics should lead to photos of bodFollow me @bridget_currie for lots of images from the studio, and pickle making projects.

New shoot – paper mache sculpture in Gorbeia natural park
19.10.15 BY Bridget
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gorbeashoot4 gorbeashoot3 gorbeashoot2 gorbea shoot1

06.09.15 BY Bridget
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The 7th is the final day of my writing project for the Baltic Trienniale. The characters will continue to develop into a short novel, that fingers crossed will be finished by the end of the year.  I hope you will have a look over at Phlegm


03.09.15 BY Bridget

Above is a  link to my writing project for Brud’s contribution to the Baltic Triennale,  3 characters evolving day by day.

Syzvgy – project for the Baltic Triennial
27.08.15 BY Bridget
- - -

Brud have been kind enough to invite me to participate in their project for the Baltic Trienial. I will be writing throughout the project. Details to follow. The Baltic Triennial site is HERE. Brud says:

Brud (Polish for “filth”) has turned their invitation to the Triennial into a jamboree. They have brought over friends from around the world to create a “cryptocurrency fairytale” — a distributed, collaborative performance spanning thirty-one days.

This performance, titled Syzygy, a Time Traveler’s Toolkit, or, What Happens During an Occultation, brings together disparate elements into an ongoing whole that unfolds before, during, & after the vernissage.

Bea McMahon & Claude Heiland-Allen sing & demonstrate Terry Davis’ Temple Operating System.

Juan-Pablo Villegas Delgado & Ada Pola prepare a Chimposium, a meal spa

Two new magazine features
06.08.15 BY Bridget
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I was chuffed to be asked to contribute to two fine Australian online magazines,Fine Print and Invisible Cities, recently. Fine Print is launched Friday the 7th of August and Invisible Cities later in August.

You can read an excerpt of my current writing project, ‘The Lady, the Scientist and Phlegm’  here at Fine Print

I will be contributing artwork to Invisible Cities, who make very handsome pdf publications which you can access HERE


things meeting now, short edit
20.06.15 BY Bridget

Here is a link to a short film made from ‘Things Meeting Now’ a collaborative work between Alison Currie and I. The video is around 7 minutes, and the live work around 25.