DO IT adelaide
20.02.15 BY Bridget
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I am currently participating in the latest iteration of DO IT a project conceived by   Hans Ulrich Obrist and managed by Independent Curators International (ICI), New York. The project is a growing collection of instructional works, very similar in spirit to the Fluxus ‘scores’ and instructions. I remember borrowing the first DO IT from the library and it has been an important text for me.  The exhibition is running at the  SAMSTAG museum in Adelaide During February and March 2015.  My contribution to the book is:

Instructions to bake a sculpture

 Make a dough with flour, water, yeast and salt.

In a warm room let it multiply, let it rise.

Shape into long strands.

Loop and build them into a structure

Bake in a hot oven until rigid.




Feed to animals

Leave to rot

Adelaide’s baroque trees of beauty
13.09.13 BY Bridget

Unique aesthetic decisions being made in the Adelaide Suburb of Torrensville. 

torrensville blue treebaroque tree

wet and dry entropy
28.11.12 BY Bridget
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I have just returned back to a very rainy Britain after super-quick 10 days in South Australia.  There are many differences between London and Adelaide but for me the most noticeable is the different manners of decay and entropy. Europe in general is a lot tidier and more solid in feel than Australia or Asia. Of all the places I have lived Japan was the most actively decaying, in that most houses are not expected to last longer than 30 or so years, and the humid climate accelerated mould and rot to a high degree.  Perhaps the clean and ordered systems and lives of Japanese people result in standing in opposition to these conditions.


Tendency towards stillness, things stay put for a long time and settle into a pattern or position. Dryness a slow attrition, sagging paint fading and peeling, things bleached, withered.  Smoothing out gestures on a macro scal