alien objects

Things meeting now – Tonight
16.06.15 BY Bridget
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'things meeting now' crab lighting Tonight at Michaelis Theatre, Roehampton University London.

‘Things meeting now’ is on at 7:30 but things kick off at 5 with performances from the Master of choreography by research students. The event is free, hope to see you there.

Baroque seepage
13.01.15 BY Bridget
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10911443_10152771287069475_5326885033967485987_o Recently I visited Toledo Cathedral, which is an incredible mix of architectural styles, eras and atmospheres. The thing is vast and includes side chapels ranging from 13th century stucco paintings to bizarre gold tiled magnificence, a treasure of reliquaries and illuminated books, a cool dozen or so Goyas and a Carravagio painting. At one end the Gothic paneling of the Reja has been rudely interrupted by the Baroque effusion of the altarpiece ‘El Transparente. The edges of the ballooning spotlit edifice seeping over the Gothic carving like ectoplasm. Extreme alien beauty.

Object oriented ontology and other Oos
25.02.13 BY Bridget
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For pretty much the whole time I have been an artist I have had a vague but deeply held idea that objects are interesting because of their silence. Instead of silence, I could say, resistance or muteness or alien nature. The main reason I make sculptural work, is that I see the making of objects is a foray into a deeply strange world. We are not talking interestingly obscure narratives, beautiful colours or pretty womens’ boobs here – all dominant modes of art production and content. Making an object creates a distinct presence, a thing in the world, a thing that resists attempts to explain it. 

This resistance can be a bit of a liability – particularly when asking other people to appreciate my work, as it is not by nature easy to explain, and refusal to explain can be interpreted as snobbery. I really want people to feel a slight dislocation, the weird

further ‘trees among people’
21.01.13 BY Bridget

Some beautiful arboreal aliens live around Peckham. 

burgesspark burgess park stridingtree treepeckham

other words for alien
08.01.13 BY Bridget
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An amazing Japanese video of Cryptogams  .slime mold and mushroom time lapse

What is a Cryptogam? Cryptogams (literally hidden reproduction) is a now disused umbrella classification for the non-seed bearing organisms incorporating Algae, Lichen, mosses (and other bryophytes), ferns and fungi. The organisms that are alien to the considered norm of the sexual reproduction process.

Or even more alien, Protist another semi defunct classification. The term protista was first used by Ernst Haeckel in 1866. Protists were traditionally subdivided into several groups based on similarities to the higher kingdoms: the unicellular “animal-like” protozoa, the “plant-like” protophyta (mostly unicellular algae), and the “fungus-like” slime moulds and water moulds. Most of these organis

Objects noticed on the roofs of bus shelters
15.10.12 BY Bridget

– spray painted toothpick and potato sculpture

– gray coat

-bent wire coat hanger

– coconut broken in half

– Pink, Blue and Yellow plastic featherduster

-three wooden battens with nails in

– video cassette tape of ‘Hellraiser’


(September to October 2012, London)