Alison Currie

things meeting now, short edit
20.06.15 BY Bridget

Here is a link to a short film made from ‘Things Meeting Now’ a collaborative work between Alison Currie and I. The video is around 7 minutes, and the live work around 25.


some images from House Project
16.06.15 BY Bridget
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houseproject houseprojectsculptures  Alison Performing and the objects in situ within the structure created by Linda Persson for ‘House project’

artists showing / performing were:
Bettina Buck, Bridget Currie, Alison Currie, Peter Eccher, Emma Hammarén, Minna Rainio & Mark Roberts, Lauren Godfrey, Calvin Laing, Kate McMillan, Benjamin A Owen, Laure Prouvost, Linda Persson, Anna Chrystal Stephens, Ross Taylor, Sophie Yetton & Andy Warhol (in spirit)

Things meeting now – Tonight
16.06.15 BY Bridget
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'things meeting now' crab lighting Tonight at Michaelis Theatre, Roehampton University London.

‘Things meeting now’ is on at 7:30 but things kick off at 5 with performances from the Master of choreography by research students. The event is free, hope to see you there.

‘things meeting now’ collaboration with Alison Currie
09.06.15 BY Bridget
- - - -

We are now four days into the development of ‘Things meeting now’, a dance performance with sculptural objects. Some interesting shapes, movements and weird encounters going on in rehearsal.

TMNreherse4 TMNreherse2The work will be presented on the 16th of June at University of Roehampton, London as part of Alison’s portfolio for her Research Masters in Choreography and Performance.Information for other events happening on this day can be found here: