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05.10.15 BY Bridget
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Adolf Wolfli – German ‘outsider’ artist active around 1900-1930. Visionary musical scores and swirling patterns, reminds me of Hildegard von Bingen drawings.

Madge Gill – British ‘outsider’ artist, particularly for her large scale calico drawings and embroideries. She made art under the direction of a spirit guide she called, ‘Myrninnerest’

I am beginning a large scale ink drawing on fabric.

Application fees? Artist pays
30.04.14 BY Bridget
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Part of the labour of being an artist is applying for grants and residencies. Fair enough, I would rather be making art rather than making reams of bureaucratic writing, but I accept it is part of what I do. However  I am becoming increasingly sick of being asked to pay quite large sums of money as application fees. I understand that administration costs art centres money – but 40 – 65 euros just to apply for an open call? If 1000 people apply that is  a lot of money. Perhaps there should be a world wide cap of around £$Eu 20? 


nice artists to look at
27.10.13 BY Bridget
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Joe Clark – UK artist/ deconstructed photography/computer rendering/objects/mirrors/light effects/ beauty

Mark Leckey – UK artist/ One of my favourite Artists ever/ curated objects/ weird rooms/objects as the strange things they are

Stephanie Roland – Belgian Artist/ eerie darkness/white objects/ glow

 Sophie Rickett – UK artist working with 1970s astronomy negatives from  3MT telescope maker Dr Roderick Willstrop




very nice works