156 Variations
01.01.14 BY Bridget
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156variations_side 156variations-bread








‘156 variations’ bread baked in the same tin, 2013. Shown at Palletical at WOLKE. Each artist received a pallet to work on, and a pallet lifter was provided to visitors to reshuffle the works within the exhibition space. 


work actually progressing – at WOLKE
03.12.13 BY Bridget
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The paper mache forms I have been working on during my residency at WOLKE are starting to be resolved, as you can see the surface has progressed to a bone like finish. There are probably about 10 layers of Gesso on these now and they are sanded smooth. Now I am experimenting with ways of arranging and photographing the forms. 

The breads are for an exhibition on wooden pallets at WOLKE, I am making a bread surface for my pallet – ‘144 variations’ is the title, so far I have 62 breads finished, a few more than in the picture below. 



breadsinprog anticform tableleg windowsill wolkevenster2 wolkefragment

foAM microresidency notes
15.07.13 BY Bridget
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Chloe Langford and I have been making ongoing notes from our microresidency at foAM ‘Obstinate lump’ at:

Tonight (15th July) at 6PM we have a research gathering to show our bread dough and wild yeast experiments, all welcome! foAM is on the 4th floor, Quai des Charbonnages 30, 1080 Brussels, Belgium, walk through the courtyard.

from the log:

The Day of Experiments – Things of interest: – Skin that forms on dough, both as a sponge and as a kneaded lump – Wet dough breaking through the skin – Contrast between smooth areas and rough, expanded or broken surfaces. – Smooth areas can be made through contact with a smooth surface (silicone, metal) or made through wetting the surface and smoothing out. – Cutting the dough. Cutting the baked bread or cutting the dough though with

heavy bread
11.07.13 BY Bridget
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From Chloe Langford on Bread:

“My ancestors took what they had, which was nothing, and left their routines as slaves in Egypt to follow Moses into the desert in search of the promised land. For forty years they wandered through sand. At nights they rested where they could, against the dunes that had been built up by the winds. Waking the next morning, they took the flour from their sacks and moistened it with their spit and beat together a smooth dough, then set off, stooped, across the sand, the dough spread across their backs. It mingled with the salt of their sweat and hardened in the sun, and this is what they had for lunch. Some people spread the dough flat, and that dough became matzo. Others rolled tubes and fastened the ends, and those people ate bagels.”
– ‘How a person should be’, Sheila Heti
Dough room – obstinate lump residency at foAM
08.07.13 BY Bridget
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From Wednesday the 10th of July, Chloe Langford and I will be doing a micro-residency at foAM here in Brussels.  We will be blogging about the residency at the foAM website: HERE

Also we have a public response session, Research Gathering – All Welcome!!
on Monday 15 July 2013 @ 18h00
FoAM Brussels
Koolmijnenkaai 30-34
Here is some writing from our proposal: 
“There is something about how it’s kind of ugly and sticky and
misshapen and almost banal and obtuse. Or obstinate – it doesn’t care
what I want, it is just a lump. Obstinate Lump.”

Dough resists neatness and control, an aesthetic of the unmade, lumpen
and formless. It is an unwieldy mass that provides a physical
confrontation with intractable matter. This stuff is not fluid, it is
a sticking point for the mind to flow around, and as such acts as a
provocative anchor to the

Bread and Roses
30.10.12 BY Bridget

Too late, I have only just found this beautiful poster designed for International women’s day 2012 by Emily Johns. It commemorates the hundredth anniversary of the  1912 ‘Bread and Roses’ Strike  by female textile workers during January–March 1912, in Lawrence, Massachusetts, now often known as the “Bread and Roses strike”.  The imagery of bread and roses has been used to as a metaphor for the struggle for pleasures and non-tangible needs as well as basic rights of food and shelter.


you can download a poster here:

As we come marching, marching in the beauty of the day,

A million darkened kitchens, a thousand mill lofts gray,

Are touched with all the radiance that a sudden sun discloses,

For the people hear us singing: “Bread and roses! Bread and roses!&