luser story – 23rd April Museum of Modern Art Warsaw
22.04.16 BY Bridget
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Tomorrow night I will be live streaming two short performances for Brud’s project ‘ Luser Story’ at the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw.  The work is  called ‘purity of knives’.  I’m a little nervous because I will be using the Periscope app to live stream. My user name is @bridget_currie if you fancy tuning into periscope, otherwise the video will be up on vimeo in the coming week.

more info herepurity of knives

06.09.15 BY Bridget
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The 7th is the final day of my writing project for the Baltic Trienniale. The characters will continue to develop into a short novel, that fingers crossed will be finished by the end of the year.  I hope you will have a look over at Phlegm


Syzvgy – project for the Baltic Triennial
27.08.15 BY Bridget
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Brud have been kind enough to invite me to participate in their project for the Baltic Trienial. I will be writing throughout the project. Details to follow. The Baltic Triennial site is HERE. Brud says:

Brud (Polish for “filth”) has turned their invitation to the Triennial into a jamboree. They have brought over friends from around the world to create a “cryptocurrency fairytale” — a distributed, collaborative performance spanning thirty-one days.

This performance, titled Syzygy, a Time Traveler’s Toolkit, or, What Happens During an Occultation, brings together disparate elements into an ongoing whole that unfolds before, during, & after the vernissage.

Bea McMahon & Claude Heiland-Allen sing & demonstrate Terry Davis’ Temple Operating System.

Juan-Pablo Villegas Delgado & Ada Pola prepare a Chimposium, a meal spa