Steven Jacobs on films of sculptures
24.06.13 BY Bridget
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Last week at Wiels, I attended an inspiring lecture by Steven Jacobs, a professor at the University of Ghent. Jacobs spoke on the films of Henri Alekan and Carl Theodor Dreyer, that use sculptures as their subject.  Jacobs structured the lecture around two main works,  Dreyer’s film ‘ Thorvaldson’, and Alekan’s  ”L’Enfer de Rodin’.  Thorvaldson was a Danish neoclassical sculptor, and Dreyer films his white marble works against soft velvet drapes, light and shadow linking delicately across the image. Alekan films Rodin’s complex and profligate work ‘The gates of hell’ and the drama, sexuality and violence of the work is conveyed in swirling shots and stark black and white contrasts.The films are dominated by a fascination with the static (sculptural)object as subject for film;

Oui Oui
12.09.12 BY Bridget

Oui Oui opens 14th September in Brisbane. Tamara and I are showing our film ‘wax accents’ there. Check it out if you are in the land of queens.

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