geometric pattern

The Kites of Alexander Graham Bell
05.11.12 BY Bridget
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Recently I have come across a series of beautiful photographs of Alexander Graham Bell’s Tetrahedral kites. Bell experimented with manned kite flying and various polyhedrons as structures for flying machines.  I just find the shapes uncannily beautiful.

Emilie Flöge , more geometry in nature
25.09.12 BY Bridget
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Gustav Klimt and Emilie Flöge 

A precursor to Kusama? I love the mysterious staging of these geometric patterned garments outdoors. The pattern at once dissolves the figure and delineates it.


A 1906 photograph of Floge by Klimt.

Read more about Flöge‘s design house and Fin-de-siecle art fatales at one of my favourite blogs: