Georges Perec

‘Life a user’s manual’ 11th October reading group
02.10.12 BY Bridget

Thursday the 11th of October at 7pm – a reading group at Institut Francais (South Kensington) on Georges Perec’s most famous book ‘Vie de mode d’emploi’ or ‘Life a user’s manual’ chaired by Professor Andrew Leak. Published in 1978 this sprawling book narrates the life of a Parisien apartment block. The text takes in history, ghosts, possibilities and not least the fabric of the building. It is widely held to be a canonical example of  ‘post-modern fiction’, but I find it Dickensian in a way – exhaustive, discursive, juggling many threads and … long.  Its a fabulous book anyhow.

Here is a picture of G.P. as his face makes any day brighter.