vensterbank photographs chez Claes
14.01.14 BY Bridget
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Some results from the photoshoot today in a friend’s house; my paper mache sculptures in situ with his collection of plants. 

gerd1 gerd2 gerd6

Vensterbank beauty – Molenbeek
08.01.14 BY Bridget
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Every thursday morning I go to the Molenbeek markets which have a beautiful range of fresh vegetables, fruit and herbs along with synthetic leggings in multiple hues and cheap kitchen equipment. Molenbeek is an often maligned suburb of Brussels, but one of my favourite places in the city to walk, unexpected and idiosyncratic beauty is the reward for wandering its’ streets. 

molenbeekwindow4 molenbeek window3 moleenbeekwindow2 molenbeekwindow1

Vensterbanken/windowsill/rebord de fenetre
07.10.13 BY Bridget
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The windowsills of Belgium, spaces of strange forms and a prickly bare beauty. Since moving to Brussels I have been photographing these sometimes elegant sometimes awkward arrangements, so much so that now a ‘Vensterbanken’ archive is part of my ongoing documentation of plants among people, or ‘where people and plants touch’ as my friend Gwendolyn put it the other day. It is the awkward meetings that are the most important.

IMG_0671 IMG_1278

cactusvenster molenbeekvenster2

beautiful impossibility of making forms when this exists
26.07.13 BY Bridget

or the perfect expression of colour, texture, shape and presence. Catch a hold of this matter if you can, shapes like this make me human.


Houseplants of Brussels
07.06.13 BY Bridget
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With great joy I have noticed that the Bruxelloise seem to keep a lot of houseplants prominently displayed in their front windows. So many intriguing forms and somewhat perplexing aesthetic choices. Now I must get better at photographing through glass.

brusselspotplants potplant self potplantsbrusselsorchid potplantbrussels2

more plants around people
13.12.12 BY Bridget

 an ancient example of my mum’s plant collection, just beautiful







From Louise Haselton’s garden. I will make a three dimensional form based on this – and also an ink drawing.








bonsai by benign neglect
07.12.12 BY Bridget

Currently collecting images of houseplants for a new series of ink drawings. The plant companions must be old (lived with for a long time) so that their forms have been altered due to living conditions, or perhaps human proximity.  The plant below is over 20 years old.






On a recent visit to Australia I photographed some of my mum’s plants and also my beautiful friend Louise Haselton’s plants. I am still looking for more examples so if you have a particularly well loved, or stoic plant companion please send me a photo.