Edward Weston – Cats of wildcat hill
03.12.13 BY Bridget
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Incredibly beautiful forms and arrangements in Edward Weston’s 1947 book of photographs documenting cats, both his own pets and strays.  I love the combinations of the inanimate and the animate, he captures the moving arrangement of a living body against the still arrangement of objects, architecture and landscape. These images are a huge inspiration for staging tableaus and photographing my sculptural forms.

EdwardWeston_CatsonRocks_WildcatHill edwardwestoncatonwood

nice artists to look at
27.10.13 BY Bridget
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Joe Clark – UK artist/ deconstructed photography/computer rendering/objects/mirrors/light effects/ beauty

Mark Leckey – UK artist/ One of my favourite Artists ever/ curated objects/ weird rooms/objects as the strange things they are

Stephanie Roland – Belgian Artist/ eerie darkness/white objects/ glow

 Sophie Rickett – UK artist working with 1970s astronomy negatives from  3MT telescope maker Dr Roderick Willstrop




very nice works

Markéta Luskačová
22.03.13 BY Bridget

My newest favourite photographer. Born 1944 in Prague , she also lived in Britain. This work is increadible. Beautiful, weird and mystical in a very ordinary way. Most photography leaves me cold, but this work shows how poignant and slippery it can be.



the Tao of scanning
20.09.12 BY Bridget
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Some images of ‘Tao-er than you’, bread sculptures shot in Gillespie park, near Arsenal in London.

Shot using a Pentax ME  SLR with 52mm lense, Kodak colour 200 film. I then scanned  the negatives with a Flextight negative scanner, a very expensive bit of equipment that was driving me absolutely crazy after the first half hour. I am not sure if the colour variation is caused by the scanner or my lack of camera skills, as the photographic prints don’t look so bad.  Having said that it did take me an age to remember about depth of field !