Rupert Residency – Theory of meadowness
27.09.16 BY Bridget
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September is drawing to a close, and with it, my residency at Rupert in Vilnius. It has been a very productive time, of sorting, resolving and making whole, bits of work that have been in progress for a year or so. During the open studios, around 15 people came to hear me read an half hour excerpt from ‘The Lady, The Scientist and Phlegm’. I made a ‘set’ and used three objects to stand in for the characters. It was a good chance to test out the text and the staging. I think now that the final form may be a voice over audio of the text for a sculptural environment and/or video of the objects in motion. 



Rupert Residency September 2016
05.09.16 BY Bridget
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On the 29th of August I arrived in Lithuania and started a month long residency at Rupert. Rupert occupies a handsome wooden art centre and creative industries incubator on the outskirts of Vilnius. Here we are surrounded by a mixed forest of pine, oak and a mix other broad leaved trees including wild apple. The river Neris flows next to Rupert and there is a small river bathing beach nearby. There is also a large meadow the botanical content of which shifts substantially through wet and dry soil conditions. 

During the residency I will be collating fragments of , ‘The Lady, the Scientist and Phlegm’ into a more cohesive long form, researching Lithuanian pickle traditions and creating a set like installation which will be used as a stage for a reading performance of my text. A busy month.  I hope you will continue to check back regularly during Septemb

1 month: Centro Negra final presentation 28 May 20:30
27.05.15 BY Bridget
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This thursday Centro Negra will be open from 20:30, so if you are in Murcia come along! I will be presenting one months work, loosely titled ‘the tourists’.  prickley pear march prickley peardrape

The village of Blanca has been an incredible and bizarre home for one month. The works I have made have largely been inspired by these strange visitors – dead prickly pear cactus.



Centro Negra – AADK residency
05.05.15 BY Bridget
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I am currently in residence at AADK’s Spanish base Centro Negra in the small village of Blanca in Murcia. The centre is a cluster of stone buildings, rebuilt in the old Jewish quarter of Blanca directly below the 11century Moorish castle. Here the houses peter out to ramshackle animal sheds, ruined walls and the huge stone outcrops of the mountain. Every morning I hear flocks of swallows calling over the town and roosters crowing. The church bell continues all night, ringing the hours and echoing up the valley.  I have a one month stay here and am presenting my first works in progress on the 16th of May should you be in the neighborhood. little house priest pricklypears blanca castillo pieldeunhombre More information on the AADK site HERE.




AADK in May
24.03.15 BY Bridget
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I am very pleased to have been accepted into the Centro Negra residency program, at AADK’s centre in Murcia. I will be spending the month of May in the small village of Blanca in Murcia working on some pieces that ‘visit’ the wild landscape of the dry hills surrounding Centro Negra.

New Studio
27.10.13 BY Bridget
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This week was my first week of a three month studio residency at WOLKE studios here in Brussels. WOLKE is an artist run space over three floors of a sky scraper (10.11.12th floors), there are studios, a workshop, rehearsal space, cinema and exhibition space.  As you can see we are up in the clouds with Brussels stretched out below.  I am looking forward to getting down to work in my new space.

2013-10-22 16.14.33 view from wolke

Dough room – obstinate lump residency at foAM
08.07.13 BY Bridget
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From Wednesday the 10th of July, Chloe Langford and I will be doing a micro-residency at foAM here in Brussels.  We will be blogging about the residency at the foAM website: HERE

Also we have a public response session, Research Gathering – All Welcome!!
on Monday 15 July 2013 @ 18h00
FoAM Brussels
Koolmijnenkaai 30-34
Here is some writing from our proposal: 
“There is something about how it’s kind of ugly and sticky and
misshapen and almost banal and obtuse. Or obstinate – it doesn’t care
what I want, it is just a lump. Obstinate Lump.”

Dough resists neatness and control, an aesthetic of the unmade, lumpen
and formless. It is an unwieldy mass that provides a physical
confrontation with intractable matter. This stuff is not fluid, it is
a sticking point for the mind to flow around, and as such acts as a
provocative anchor to the