Serpentine dance

Loie Fuller – Back to Art Nouveau?
18.09.12 BY Bridget
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You know Art Nouveau? I used to really like it when I was a teenager (my parents are big fans), the rich and delicate curves, lush vegetable asymmetry, and it’s romantic qualities. Then I went to art school and it started seeming increasingly kitsch and irrelevant. Now that I am using a lot of plant forms in my work, and trying to work with forms that seem both familiar (observed or constructed from the natural world) and alien (abstract and fantastical), Art Nouveau seems strangely relevant again. Only now I am looking at it from the other end of the telescope.

Lately I have been watching a lot of early films from the 1890s- 1900s, and discovered films of the Serpentine and Flame dances made famous by Loie Fuller and represented in many Art Nouveau statuettes.

Dansa Serpentina 1900

Shown in this (link above) early hand coloured film, a Serpentine dance of a similar