Stephen Alexander

Love Stuff
18.09.12 BY Bridget
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In 2011 I was part of a class facilitated by Goldin+Sennaby, whilst studying at the Kunglia Konsthogskolan (Royal College of Art) in Stockholm. The class was constructed as a series of meetings, hosted by each participant in turn. The meetings could be anywhere and take whatever format might be useful, the meeting as a performance, and as a structuring device for information. I found it a difficult and valuable exercise to imagine how a meeting could clarify and deepen my practice – what would the meeting be about? I wanted to talk about sculpture, about the attribution of meaning, in particular the possibility of a non-narrative or physically embodied meaning.


I really enjoy Michael Taussig’s strange blend of anthropology, cultural history, magic and storytelling, and I read quite a bit of archeology research. So it seemed logical that investigat