the world is not a surface

08.10.13 BY Bridget
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crowd sourced writing – I need you!
07.10.13 BY Bridget
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At least once a month I have to write about my own work, describing and trying to make sense of what is essentially a non-verbal process for me. Choosing a voice for this writing, a tone and finding way to not corrupt the work is very difficult. I had the idea with my recent work ‘the world is not a surface’ of asking for short responses from people who experienced the work. If I can find a multiplicity of voices maybe I can build up a sense of the work how it is in reality, not how I see it in my own head.

so dear reader, I ask you for:

– a paragraph or so

– can be feelings, associations, descriptions

– in whatever ‘voice’ you like, on your experience of ‘The world is not a surface’

send through the contact page on this site or in the comments section below, thanks!


Last days ‘The world is not a surface’
01.10.13 BY Bridget
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If you are in the southern regions of the world, you have until the 6th of October to see my work ‘The world is not a surface’ at the Adelaide Botanic Garden. The parent exhibition ‘Arte Magra’ closes on the 5th of October. 

As a reminder – the locations are: Casurina grove (next to Nelumbo waterlilly pond), Palm house, Groundcover section, and Australian Forest across the bridge from the wisteria walks.  I would love to hear opinions and impressions from anyone who visited the works.

Picnic performance for ‘The world is not a surface’
13.09.13 BY Bridget
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On Sunday the 8th of September I held the picnic performance part of ‘The world is not a surface’ work. Held and Performance are words that perhaps are disingenuous to use in describing this work, as the plan for the picnic was more like an old fashioned ‘happening’ but more relaxed. People were invited to come and picnic at 2pm on the sunday; On arrival I gave them the white painted canvas blankets and instructed them to lay them out where-ever on the luxuriant swathe of green lawn stretching up from the Museum of Economic Botany. The arrangement of white geometric shapes on green and the human activity of inhabitation, talking and eating, were then ‘The Work’. Perhaps this relaxed approach was confusing to participants, most stayed several hours, and seemed to enjoy the warm weather and beautiful surrounds – maybe th

Locations of work in the Botanic Gardens
04.09.13 BY Bridget
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If anyone is stopping by in preparation for seeing my work ‘The world is not a surface’ at the Adelaide Botanic Garden, I thought I would make it a bit easier to visit by listing the locations of the individual objects. I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts and responses to the work, I hope you enjoy it.

– The Casurina Grove (next to Nelumbo Waterlilly pond)

– The Australian Forest (in the clump of forest with tree ferns across the bridge from wisteria walk area) 

– The Palm House grotto

– The Groundcover area , in the main Acanthus planting and another small Acanthus planting near the mulberry rotunda and lawn leading up to kiosk.


A map and visitor information for the Gardens may be found HERE

The materials used are:  Powder coated cast aluminium,  aluminium stands, convex mirror, Specimen tags.


‘The world is not a surface’
03.09.13 BY Bridget
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Yesterday I installed my work, ‘The world is not a surface’ at the Adelaide Botanic Garden. It was beautiful to be working in the calm and green gardens on such a warm (30 degrees!) day.  I am really happy with the work, the white rings appear to hover against the dense foliage. It is a bit tricky to photograph, the light conditions are very important to the visibility of the work and the human eye is better at finding the sculptures than the camera. But here are some images as a sneak peak.  The Arte Magra exhibition opens 5th September 2013 at the Australian Experimental Art Foundation 6pm.










Arte Magra: from the opaque
29.08.13 BY Bridget
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‘Arte Magra: from the opaque’ is the title of the site specific project my work is included in Adelaide. The project opens on the 5th of September 2013 at the Australian Experimental Art Foundation from 6pm. My work is in the Adelaide Botanic Garden so you can skip the glittering drunken crowds of the launch and slip into the gardens for a spot of quiet contemplation anytime until the 5th of October.

The works are spread around Adelaide and  Artists include some formidable practioners: Akira Akira, Matthew Bradley, David Cross, Bridget Currie, Aleks Danko & Jude Walton, Annika Evans, Joan Grounds, Ray Harris, Louise Haselton, Jessie Lumb, Monte Masi, Yhonnie Scarce, Tanya Schultz & Aurelia Carbone, Tony Yap & Janet Hoe

The project is curated by Domenico de Clario & Mary Knights, under the umbrella of the AEAF.

Downloadable map

the world is not a surface – in progress
29.08.13 BY Bridget
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My time in Adelaide has been very busy, working with welding fabricators, powder coaters, the Botanic garden staff, printers and of course the gallery. Driving around rain soaked Adelaide sourcing thin metal cable, paint, and other materials, Driving? yes driving – Australia still requires a car to get anything done. But after a week of slightly increasing stress levels, I think I am almost ready for the install in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens on monday. The metal rings came back from the powder coaters today and I have sprayed the stands with protective undercoat. A little sneak peak of the work in progress: