Rupert Residency September 2016
05.09.16 BY Bridget
- - - - -

On the 29th of August I arrived in Lithuania and started a month long residency at Rupert. Rupert occupies a handsome wooden art centre and creative industries incubator on the outskirts of Vilnius. Here we are surrounded by a mixed forest of pine, oak and a mix other broad leaved trees including wild apple. The river Neris flows next to Rupert and there is a small river bathing beach nearby. There is also a large meadow the botanical content of which shifts substantially through wet and dry soil conditions. 

During the residency I will be collating fragments of , ‘The Lady, the Scientist and Phlegm’ into a more cohesive long form, researching Lithuanian pickle traditions and creating a set like installation which will be used as a stage for a reading performance of my text. A busy month.  I hope you will continue to check back regularly during Septemb

Vilnius shape
31.10.14 BY Bridget

10687502_10152594664104475_6873437969405083578_o Vilnius shape

I’d like to
Offer something
To help you
But in the Zen School
We don’t have a single thing!

another Ikkyu poem

01.10.14 BY Bridget
- - - -

In November I will be showing some work and preparing an amazing exhibition design with curator Egle Kulbokaite and Tamara Henderson in Rupert Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania. Tamara is about to be featured in Freize projects at this years London Freize fair.

We are making a book, and will stage some events in the gallery (hopefully sleep over and reading). Looking forward to finally visiting Lithuania. 

Also I need to extend my apologies – I have not been able to upload images on this site for some time and in the rush to get the show ready I haven’t had time to sit down and fix the bugs.