voudou sticks

puppet experiments
20.02.15 BY Bridget
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In June I will be in London working with Alison Currie, dance artist (and sister) on a performance. I will be making some objects that variously: amplify, confound and enhance the movement. You can see HERE a short showreel of experiments with my sculptural objects and puppetry made while resident at 5Months in London last year. Currently I am still trying to resolve these experiments into a larger work, hopefully showing later in 2015.


live performance with voudou sticks
01.03.14 BY Bridget
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Continuing on from the work I made in London at ‘5months’, I have been working with dance artist Justine Maxelon to develop a live performance with the ‘puppet’ objects. Hopefully this work will be presented mid 2014 in Brussels. Here are some images from our first rehearsal.

Screen shot voudousticks Screen shot 2014-02-24 at 6.44.04 PM







This week I have been reflecting on ‘puppets’ as a new strand of my practice, it fits in with old interests of Animism, presence and aliveness/deadness. My research into fermentation is also rooted in this interest: aliveness or deadness on a cellular level – what is rotten and what is ‘matured’ is essentially a matter of taste. Thinking about how even though they seem far apart as ideas, fermentation and puppets are both ways to bypass the (false, mental) dichotomy of alive/dead – a

Voudou sticks
17.02.14 BY Bridget
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I have just returned back to Brussels after spending 10 days in London working on a residency at 5Months studios in Deptford. The starting point for my thinking was a dissatisfaction with how I presented my recent work in a show at WOLKE. I wanted to experiment with how to present the objects so they maintained their aliveness. Linda Persson who runs 5Months is experimenting with puppets so I also began thinking about puppets, performative actions and how inanimate things become alive. Here are some images from experiments I made during the residency.

voudousticks3 voudousticks2 voudousticks1