Vensterbank at WOLKE installation images
02.02.14 BY Bridget

vensterbank install2 vensterbankinstallvensterbank3

156 Variations
01.01.14 BY Bridget
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156variations_side 156variations-bread








‘156 variations’ bread baked in the same tin, 2013. Shown at Palletical at WOLKE. Each artist received a pallet to work on, and a pallet lifter was provided to visitors to reshuffle the works within the exhibition space. 


work actually progressing – at WOLKE
03.12.13 BY Bridget
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The paper mache forms I have been working on during my residency at WOLKE are starting to be resolved, as you can see the surface has progressed to a bone like finish. There are probably about 10 layers of Gesso on these now and they are sanded smooth. Now I am experimenting with ways of arranging and photographing the forms. 

The breads are for an exhibition on wooden pallets at WOLKE, I am making a bread surface for my pallet – ‘144 variations’ is the title, so far I have 62 breads finished, a few more than in the picture below. 



breadsinprog anticform tableleg windowsill wolkevenster2 wolkefragment

WOLKE studio residency, work in progress November
21.11.13 BY Bridget
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So it has been a month since  I moved into the WOLKE studios. This time has been a bit like walking in the dark – I am trying out new forms and ways of working, and of course I have had some failures. I am really concentrating on the line between clumsy awkwardness and grace, very precarious forms that are gestural and intuitive. Also trying to walk the line between geometry and deviations from it. All works pictured here are in progress and made from paper mache, gesso, plastimake (thermal non toxic plastic). 

worksamples swizzlestick peice worktable wonkylegstudio studiowindowarangment

work in progress from WOLKE studio October 2013
30.10.13 BY Bridget
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Small experiments in Polymorph plastic (a non toxic reusable thermoplastic)
IMG_1949 IMG_1942

New Studio
27.10.13 BY Bridget
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This week was my first week of a three month studio residency at WOLKE studios here in Brussels. WOLKE is an artist run space over three floors of a sky scraper (10.11.12th floors), there are studios, a workshop, rehearsal space, cinema and exhibition space.  As you can see we are up in the clouds with Brussels stretched out below.  I am looking forward to getting down to work in my new space.

2013-10-22 16.14.33 view from wolke