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Rupert Residency September 2016
05.09.16 BY Bridget
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On the 29th of August I arrived in Lithuania and started a month long residency at Rupert. Rupert occupies a handsome wooden art centre and creative industries incubator on the outskirts of Vilnius. Here we are surrounded by a mixed forest of pine, oak and a mix other broad leaved trees including wild apple. The river Neris flows next to Rupert and there is a small river bathing beach nearby. There is also a large meadow the botanical content of which shifts substantially through wet and dry soil conditions. 

During the residency I will be collating fragments of , ‘The Lady, the Scientist and Phlegm’ into a more cohesive long form, researching Lithuanian pickle traditions and creating a set like installation which will be used as a stage for a reading performance of my text. A busy month.  I hope you will continue to check back regularly during Septemb

images from the studio August/September
03.09.15 BY Bridget

bench studio largeformstudio studio

work actually progressing – at WOLKE
03.12.13 BY Bridget
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The paper mache forms I have been working on during my residency at WOLKE are starting to be resolved, as you can see the surface has progressed to a bone like finish. There are probably about 10 layers of Gesso on these now and they are sanded smooth. Now I am experimenting with ways of arranging and photographing the forms. 

The breads are for an exhibition on wooden pallets at WOLKE, I am making a bread surface for my pallet – ‘144 variations’ is the title, so far I have 62 breads finished, a few more than in the picture below. 



breadsinprog anticform tableleg windowsill wolkevenster2 wolkefragment

the world is not a surface – in progress
29.08.13 BY Bridget
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My time in Adelaide has been very busy, working with welding fabricators, powder coaters, the Botanic garden staff, printers and of course the gallery. Driving around rain soaked Adelaide sourcing thin metal cable, paint, and other materials, Driving? yes driving – Australia still requires a car to get anything done. But after a week of slightly increasing stress levels, I think I am almost ready for the install in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens on monday. The metal rings came back from the powder coaters today and I have sprayed the stands with protective undercoat. A little sneak peak of the work in progress: